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Don Joint. Drawing Giovanni di Paolo. February 24 - March 31, 2017

Don Joint: Drawing Giovanni di Paolo” is the third exhibition of work by Don Joint held at Francis M. Naumann Fine Art

His previous works were essentially abstractions, colorful compositions often based on the precedent of a specific source in paintings from the Italian Renaissance. In the present exhibition his imagery is derived from paintings by the fifteenth-century Italian artist Giovanni di Paolo (1403-1982), a Sienese painter known for his use of bright colors and for the precision of his style (he worked for a brief period as an illustrator of illuminated manuscripts).  In the majority of these works, Joint he has focused on a detail from a painting by di Paolo, which he visually excises from the composition and sketches lightly on a large sheet of watercolor paper.  The paper is then covered in a single hue with brush and ink, being careful not to obliterate the sketch, leaving a trace of line visible on the paper surface.  Excising details from paintings by Giovanni di Paolo was an approach first explored by Joint in a series of glass pieces made in 1995, which are also included in the show along with a number of preparatory drawings.

Work by Don Joint